Stanford/VA Alzheimer's Research Center  

Memory Evaluation

Our Center provides a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation by a multidisciplinary clinical research team.  The evaluation includes:


Individuals with complaints of memory problems may be referred by self, their family, community agency, or personal physician. We often receive referrals from friends and family members of former and current patients, and many of these families end up being followed longitudinally by our center. The Stanford/VA Alzheimer's Research Center is not limited to Alzheimer’s disease. We have the expertise for complex or unusual cases, and are happy to provide second opinions. Veterans and non-veterans are welcome.


There is no cost for services provided at our center. However, individuals may be referred to their personal physician for tests necessary to complete a diagnostic workup, such as laboratory tests and/or brain scans, and will be responsible for any associated costs.


Please contact Alicia Ivanhoe, Clinical Research Coordinator, at 650-858-3915 to schedule a memory evaluation.



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